Our focus

Mergers, acquisitions, management buyouts/ins, business sales, business exits, valuations, preparing the right information, getting the marketing right, the list can be endless… 2020 Corporate Finance has access to a panel of specialist advisors who will help you provide the right solution for your clients.
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Preparing for Exit

Prepare a detailed analysis of your client’s business. Use this analysis to consider the various exit options available

Go to Business Sales & Share Valuations

Business Sales & Share Valuations

Comprehensive advice to the stakeholders to assist them in achieving their objectives

Go to Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Advising management teams on maximising their influence in and then completing the management buy-out of the business.

Go to Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Assessing the financial and commercial benefits to be gained from such an acquisition. Recommending the best way to structure and finance a deal.


Selling (refinancing, merging) a business can often be the most important financial deal in a client’s life and 2020 believe the client’s accountant should be part of the team making this happen, even though they do not offer specialist Corporate Finance internally. The last thing anybody wants to see is losing a client’s loyalty because we do not offer Corporate Finance, and that is why 2020 Corporate Finance has been set up.

Let 2020 Corporate Finance help you position your firm as part of a team of experts in business and finance, a firm who offers the full range of Corporate Finance support and is proactive in its approach to discussing clients’ future plans and ensures their clients success.

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