2020 Corporate Finance, in association with a panel of 2020 members specialising in Corporate Finance, have recorded a fantastically useful series of educational webinars that will give listeners an invaluable insight (with very practical solutions and successful tactics) into the challenges experienced by corporate finance advisors and their clients in today’s marketplace.

Challenges such as:

  • The do’s, don’ts and essential fixes when buying and selling companies
  • How to maximise the value of your clients’ business sale
  • What is my company worth
  • Why and how you should use an advisor
  • New types of buyers for new types of sellers
  • Managing shareholder aspirations

The webinars are hosted by 2020 who challenge the experts ensuring listeners are acutely aware as to the opportunities and risks of offering corporate finance advice, when to engage with the client and when to introduce an expert (bearing in mind, for most people, selling their business is often the single most important financial deal they will ever do – so we can’t afford to get it right the second time!)

Corporate Finance Webinar Recording
Deal Maker or Deal Breaker? Available
What is my Company Worth? Available
Why and How you Should Use 2020 Corporate Finance? Available
Shareholder Aspirations Available
The New Reality – Myth-stakes and Old Ideas Available
How 2020 Corporate Finance will maximise the value of your clients’ business sale
(and why they shouldn’t use a business broker)
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