Prepare a detailed analysis of your client’s business. Assessing its USP’s and specific business areas/ risks to deal with ahead of a transaction. Use this analysis to consider the various exit options available. Understand the specific objectives of shareholders and the interests of management and staff. Recommend the best exit strategy to maximise the achievement of your client’s objectives.

The analysis should identify:

  • Whether the client is focusing on the key business areas that will increase its exit price.
  • That the business is being positioned in the best way to attract potential buyers.
  • The value of the business.
  • How different buyers will value the business and how to manage that issue
  • Identify business risk areas so that they do not adversely affect the price.


The review should produce a strategic action plan to drive the agreed process forward containing the following:

  • An operational improvement plan.
  • An action plan to identify and reduce risk areas affecting the exit.
  • On identifying potential buyers, a plan to fit their purchase strategies.
  • A review process to ensure the action plan is implemented.


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